Started Again

CSP is short for C++ Server Pages in this page .
By Li Zhenhua


It can only run on a Unix/Linux OS.
I will make the windows edition.

SourceForge Page
Download Page

Thsi project has been finished.
After you have downloaded it, you can check the src/test.cpp file and do some change and make your own test program.

Goal and Purpose:
        The CSP word is short for C/C++ server pages.It is very similar to the word JSP.
        The CSP system is designed to effective web service.
        The purpose of the system is to make it easy and fast to develop your own cgi projects.
        Using the CSP, you can write C and C++ codes combined whith your html tags. You can do many things that you can't do or hard to do in JSPs.

        1: Preprocess Project XML Files.
                Get the project directory,the apache server's cgi directory and parse the xml documents.
                Get the file list(contans the files information and the compile tags) from the xml documents.
        2: Parse CSP Files.
                Parse the CSP and HTML files to the C/CPP sourse files.
        3: Make the CGIs.
                Make the C/CPP source files.
        4: Deploy the Project.
                Deploy the project to Apache Server.

        1: Get the projet dir and the apache server's cgi dir.
        2: Preprocess; Get the xml files.
        3: Parse the xml files and get the file list.
        4: Parse the HTML files to the C/CPP sourse files.
        5: Parse the CSP files to the C/CSP sourse files.
        6: Generate the Makefile of the C/CPP source files.
        7: Compile and Make the C/CPP source files.
        8: Deploy the project.
Command line:
                csp -p [-s Project-source-dir]

                csp -m [-s Project-source-dir]

                csp [-d] [-s Project-source-dir]

        If the options are not chosen, the default value will be used.

                Project-source-dir :
                        The current directory as default.

                C_CPP-code-dir :
                        The [Project-source-dir/CODE/] directory as default.

                Web-dir :
                        Specified in the file [Project-source-dir]/WEB-INF/server.xml
                        ./cppsp -s ../webcsp